Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Blooming lovely

 Both Crab Apple trees are in gorgeous bloom right now.
 The white blooms are right next to the garage back door and Ma can see it from her sitting room. It lasts such a brief time and makes a huge mess though not as much as when it is fruit!
 M took this shot yesterday evening across the hill you can see Rottingdean windmill but the sea is lost in the haze.

I hate gardening but I love flowers. The garden is a mix of wild untamed chaos and beautiful areas tended by Ma.

We have a pond full for massive toad tadpoles, hundreds of out of control white bluebells (the blue ones aren't up yet), areas of lovely lawn and other parts that all the grass is gone. Really have some great contrasts in colour and style. To me it is lovely but to keen gardeners I would imagine it would be hell.

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