Tuesday, 15 June 2010

More from the garden

The garden has some lovely flowers at the moment. It is very pleasant to sit up by the pond watching the Damsel flies dance with each other. We've had red, blue and green ones this year. The fat little taddies are eating lavae and now have the beginnings of their back legs. We have lots of birds, butterflies and some wonderfully fat Slow Worms. I love this kind of weather - warm enough to sit out in but not so hot it's unbearable.

I've been taking my knitting out after lunch. The dogs rootle about in the undergrowth - Fergus in particular likes to hunt frogs, Lottie lays under the bench. It makes for a peaceful half an hour. It is also helping me get outdoors- been having some problems with that again but am starting to feel much better now.

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