Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Was not quite the success I was hoping for. Obviously there are some things that can't be left or ignored completely. J was great, settled down to what I asked him to do and was quietly absorbed for most of the day, Sadly, Ma was unsettled by events (not big serious ones - little niggly ones) in her life and needed an ear for a large proportion of the day. She's my Ma, so I obliged but by the evening I had had enough.

I did manage about 14 rows of a sock, 2 chapters of a book, listened to some lovely music and washed some yarn that I'd finally finished spinning. I also gave the dogs some exercise, got the house in order (I needed to do that) and decided to give M a break from cooking so made dinner. I caught up with some TV on the Skybox that we'd taped and did a batch of ironing. A productive day but not really a happy one - as in my posted 'definition' of a happy day.
Today I will try again - there is mundane stuff - laundry, dog walking, chores and getting J happliy absorbed before he's off out this afternoon -but there should be time for me too. Like right now....Womens Hour on R4 beckons....or maybe the Classical Selection on R3......or catching up with Sticks and String - any of them is a good start.

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